Client Forms

Dear Client,


You are almost there! 


Now that we've been able to finalize the details of your trip, it is time to move to the next step: Payment. 


In order to maintain transparency and trust, below you will find a downloadable PDF of our Credit Card Authorization Form. Filling this out will provide me access to charge your card. 

Also, you will find a Waiver that will consent to the terms and conditions as well as agree to or waive Travel Insurance. (All members of your travel party must sign the Waiver)



Once you have completed the forms, please click the button below to fill out the Contact Information for all members of your travel party.

Signing Forms
Form 1

Full Credit Card Authorization Form. Once completed please upload below.

CCA Form

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Form 2

Client Waiver form that needs to be completed by each person in your travel party.


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Form 3

Already signed a waiver? Download just the Credit Card Authorization form here 

CCA Form Only

We ask that you upload a picture/copy of your license/Passport in order to ensure correct spelling of your name(s) as well as the correct address. (all documents are shredded after completed transaction) 

If you are making multiple payments and would like to use different cards, a new CCA Form will need to be filled out.


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